Get To Know Us

What is Birding Trinidad & Tobago?

Our website is a directory of bird and wildlife friendly accommodation, reputable birding and wildlife tour operators, news and references information related to birding in Trinidad & Tobago. We also offer custom itineraries for birding and related nature-based experiences.

Our Philosophy

We at Birding Trinidad and Tobago believe that birds and their habitats are one of the last truly authentic, enriching, awe-inspiring and potentially life-changing experiences that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our repository of information seeks to enhance your T&T birding experience in accordance with globally accepted quality and ethical guidelines. This ultimately benefits birders, tour operators, communities, and most importantly, the birds. We wholeheartedly endorse the responsible enjoyment of the natural world and wish to assist in ensuring that the wellbeing of all is continually sought.

Further to the birding experience, we are part of a rapidly expanding ecosystem of savvy professionals capable of catering to even the most eclectic of interests.

So, let’s go birding, meet the birds, be amazed, and fall in love with nature over and over again!

Our Vision

To spur conservation actions via ecotourism, education and investment.

The boldly coloured and very charismatic
Trinidad Motmot (Momotus bahamensis)
was chosen for our logo as it is the only species
of bird endemic to both Trinidad and Tobago.