The Ultimate Guide to Birding in Trinidad & Tobago


When contemplating visiting a place for a particular purpose, one tends to spend hours – days or weeks even – immersed in research, reading reviews, weighing options, and so on. It is time consuming and can often lead one in circles. How convenient it would be, then, for all the resources pertaining to a particular pursuit to be easily accessible! 

And so this website was birthed; a repository of information in the first instance – anything one would need to know about going birding in Trinidad & Tobago. Books, lists, hotspots, accommodation, all in one place! Whether you are considering visiting these islands, know someone who is planning to, or if there is simply a bit of nostalgia after being away from these magical islands for too long, Birding Trinidad & Tobago ( intends to make it as easy as possible to bring the birds to you.

Dig deeper and one can get in touch with the team to plan a completely bespoke experience. We are part of a vibrant ecosystem of progressive professionals in many different fields, and we are happy to have all hands on-deck to ensure that your experience is both rewarding and fulfilling.

In this environment of integration, it is completely expected that the ultimate guide to birding in T&T is not a single person or book – but a network. Happy birding!

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